Heavy Gear Spotlight – Lynx

About Heavy Gear Spotlight


Code Name: Lynx

Faction: The North

Manufacturer: Western Armouries

Height: 4.1 meters

Weight: 4,510 kg

Baconradar’s Summary: Ultra cheap fodder gear that can intercept and punches way above its weight



  • At only 3 TV it is joint cheapest gear in the game and one of the cheapest units
  • With 6/8 movement it’s also one of the fastest
  • The LHG is a perfect weapon for this gear, synergising with its speed and cost while ignoring its weaknesses
  • PI:4+, agile, and a 1 inch silhouette make it surprisingly hard to hit and coupled with cost, an uninviting target
  • UA of IN, ST, HT means it can help reach min action requirements on an Aller or Thunderhammer combat group



  • Lacks any EW skill, so cannot make comms actions at all
  • AR:4 means MoS:1 LAC hits cripple and even infantry weapons can hurt
  • Being a gear rather than infantry makes it an easy target of opportunity for ACs, RPs and other very common weapons
  • Lacks any anti infantry weapon other than a fairly dismal crush attack, despite being in direct competition with infantry


Best uses

  1. Intercepting and killing much more expensive gears! Like the Street Viper I previously covered, the Lynx is fast enough to close in on or chase down specific targets, usually recon gears. Unlike the Viper the Lynx doesn’t want to get to melee, instead it has a completely singular purpose – all it wants to do is get close enough to throw its LHG. I really cannot stress this enough; the Lynx is effectively a high speed LHG delivery system. It can happily go Top Speed and throw the LHG at the furthest extent of its range too, and by aiming at the ground 9 inches away you actually get 12 inches of reach due to that AoE:3. By doing this you only get 1 die, but you are guaranteed that 1 die because of the AoE secondary target rules. Note that the LHG ignores cover (usually), ECM, and agile, the main tools of recon gears and high performance strike gears alike. Sure they’ll get 2 dice to defend, but you can simply field numbers to overcome this – your targets will cost 2-4 times as much as your Lynx does. When you do hit, you hit hard – PEN:8 is absurd from a TV:3 model!
  2. Plinking away at heavy armour. Now unlike the Street Viper, particularly the Riotmaster variant, the Lynx is not, on its own, much of a threat to tanks or striders. But it’s quite a bit cheaper, just as good at getting into position for flank attacks, and crucially it has an AP:1 AOE:3 weapon which can hit heavy armour protected by ECM (common in CEF, North, Nucoal, and PRDF forces). Consider this – is there a better unit than the Lynx to deal with an overlord hovertank in a cost effective way? I actually can’t think of one, when you consider that the grenades ignore ECM and hit both the turret and the hull and come on a 3TV unit.
  3. Contesting objectives. Much like mounted infantry, the Lynx is so fast, cheap, and irritating to kill that it’s perfect for grabbing and contesting objectives. If the opponent then moves in to contest them, that brings them into LHG range which plays to the gear’s strength. Unlike the wallaby the Lynx is a credible threat to gears and can even sting heavier units due to that AP1, so it can actually assault objectives held by the enemy as well, making full use of blast and AoE to negate the cover and ECM they’ll often be relying on.


Armoured: For 1 TV you get an extra point of armour and a LPZ. You’ve also made your Lynx 33% more expensive. This is a tricky thing to evaluate since the greatest strength of the chassis is its very low cost.

The extra point of armour makes a difference in two specific ways. It means that the rather common MoS 1 PEN 6 (LAC, PG, MAVM, VLRP) hit won’t cripple you (remember MOS 0 missies due to agile) and it means that common infantry weapons (2-4 PEN) will often see the damage they deal to you cut in half or stopped completely. This is significant because these are the weapons most often used by other cheap units and if your opponent is using more expensive things to kill your Lynx, well, that isn’t so bad. A 3/3 AR5 PI4 agile gear with a 1 inch silhouette is actually pretty damn good at surviving.

The LPZ changes the role of the Lynx to one much closer to the Street Viper. It turns it into a dedicated hunter of armour, especially tanks. With its speed and numbers the Lynx is one of the best flankers in the game and that LPZ gives it access to a direct weapon with AP:2, so it suddenly becomes interested in rolling more than 1 die. This also unfortunately means GU:5+ becomes more of a liability.

Overall I’d say the basic Lynx is better than the Armoured variant, but if you’re fighting against lots of heavy tanks (especially if supported by infantry) it’s worth considering the upgrade if only to get that LPZ.


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