Heavy Gear Blitz – missing variants and models

There are some variants of gears which used to exist in the older versions of heavy gear but were trimmed from the Living Rule Book. This page is just a work in progress to catalogue them and possibly act as a launching point for some house rules.




  • Upgrade: para – +airdrop for Ballista, Recon, stock


  • Upgrade: para – +airdrop

[Addition] Vandal

  • Using the Visigoth hull/treads, turret replaced by a MAM (or HAM?) launcher. Has smoke too.



  • Variant: Red Eye Diamondback – replace MAC with LAC (Arm, AA, Burst:2)

[Addition] Boa

  • Copy NuCoal Boa but change MFM/MGM to LGM, rename variants to Blazing, Striking
  • Variant: Badlands Boa – swap LGM for MFM, lose MRP

Black Mamba

  • Variant: Barbed Fang Black Mamba – MAC, MAR, APGL, LVB. Worse speed? Or worse piloting.
  • Variant: Defender – as stock, but swap LRP for an AMS, + 6” to sensors
  • Variant: Spitting Mamba: LGL (+Ammo: AI, PEN:5), APGL (auto), APGL (link), LCW.
  • Upgrade: Gunner – remove airdrop, swap MAC for HAC



  • Variant: Jager Commando – LRF, LVB, APGL, LATM (LA:2), field armour
  • Variant: Jager Observer – LAC, APGL, LVB, Comms:1, TD:1 (aux), sensor boom (aux)
  • Variant: Jager Red Eye – Sensors:18″, LAC (burst 2, AA, arm), APGL, VB
  • Variant: Armoured Jager – LAC, APGL, LVB, LHG, brawler:1 (spiked forearm), AR:7, Mamba Engine on model
  • Variant: Flamm Jager Bunker Buster – Flamm Jager with Field Armour, HHG, HPZ, MSE
  • Upgrade: Swamp – +Amphib


[Addition] Stripped Down Jager

  • Stock – ?
  • Variant: Jager Recon – MAC, LPZ, LCW.
  • Variant: Jager Force Recon – LPL, LCW, 1x Recon drone, drone bay:1



  • Variant: Blitz Iguana – LAC, LRP, LVB, no ECM or ECM, Comms:1.
  • Variant: Blitz Iguana Riotmaster – *FG, LRP, LVB, no ECM or ECM, Comms:1
  • Variant: Lidded Iguana – LAC, LVB. TD:2, sensors 24”, comms:2, stealth (aux)
  • Variant: Loudmouth Iguana – PG, APGL, LVB, ECCM, comms:2, vuln:haywire, but no ECM and sensors 12”(see also the southern book)
  • Variant: Sortie Iguana – LRF, LRP, LVB, SatUp, Comms:2, ECM:1. Doesn’t have TD. Vuln:F.
  • Variant: Racer Iguana – PG, LVB, TD:1, ECM:1, comms:2. Ground move is 9″, has the dartjager feet with big tires


[Addition] Iguana Commando

  • LBZ, MSG, ECM:1, Comms:2, Vet, stealth (aux), smoke:2, airdrop

[Addition] Long Bow Jager

  • Stock: MRF, HIM (or LFM?), LCW
  • Variant: Long Bow Blitz Jager – MRF, HIM, LATM (LA:2), LVB
  • Variant: Para Long Bow Jager – LGM, LRF, PG, LVB, APGL, Sensors 18”, airdrop
  • Upgrade: Support – swap HIM for LGM

Jager Paratrooper

  • Variant: Para Grenadier Jager – LGL (Range: 6-18 / 36″), APGL, LPZ, LSG
  • Variant: Para Spark Jager – LAC/LGL, APGL, LSG. SatUp. ECCM. Comms:1

Rapier Iguana – PG, LVB (reach:1). No TD or ECM or comms. Shield:1. Support unit only.





[Addition] Armoured Hunter

  • Heavier armour, LAC, LRP, LVB, bad speed and piloting (6+?), back mounted anti-personnel mortar (HIM or LFM?)
  • Variant: Bearhunter – V-Engine from a Bear + tracked SMS. Better speed/piloting

[Addition] Hunter Commando

  • LBZ, MRP, APGL, *SG, brawler:1 (it’s an arena model), field armour, airdrop, veteran



  • Variant: Roach Hunter (Hunter NBC) – resist corrosive, resist fire, resist haywire, LGM, APGL, LVB, TD:1
  • Variant: Spearhead Hunter – HAC, APGL, LVB(?), SatUp, Comms:1? Init:1?


  • Variant: Cheetah Mk.II – AR:5, GU:4+, TD:2, Comms:1, LAC, LRP (pen 6), LVB, LSG, APGL. Sensor boom?

Mad Dog R

  • Variant: Mad Dog AD – MAC (burst:2, AA, arms) or possibly MRC (can’t tell which), HRP, APGL, *SG, HMG (link)



  • Variant: Damocles – *AG and 2x *LC, HMG (link)
  • Variant: Mastodon – second gen Mammoth with HRC, HSC, *FC, HGL



Peace River


[Addition] Warrior elite

  • stock: MAC, LRP, APGL, LVB (reach:1), AR:7, A:1, GU:3+, PI:3+, agile, airdrop, ECM:1, Vet


[Addition] Agammemnon

  • AR:8 or 9? LFG (arm), LRP, LFM, *VB


[Addition] Myrmidon

  • HRC, MRP (36 tube, so HRP?), HMG (pen:5, link), APGL, *VB (maybe medium, because pax?). AR:8 or 9?


[Addition] Perseus

  • MRF, LVB, TD:1, Comms:2, hover SMS, stealth, sensors:18″, agile


[Addition] Stalker

  • MAC, LRP, APGL, LVB. Sensors, comms, ecm, eccm, satup. No TD. agile.


Black Talon


[Addition] Dark Warrior

  • MRL, MRP, APGL, LVB (reach 1)



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