Heavy Gear Spotlight – Jaguar

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Code Name: Jaguar

Faction: The North

Manufacturer: Northco

Height: 4.6 meters

Weight: 7,123 kg

Baconradar’s Summary: A good strike gear with some synergistic variants

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Heavy Gear Spotlight -Black Mamba

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Code Name: Black Mamba

Faction: South

Manufacturer: Territorial Arms

Height: 4.6 meters

Weight: 6,500 kg

Baconradar’s Summary: An excellent strike gear with a knack for survival

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Heavy Gear Blitz – Basilisk unit addon

When Heavy Gear Blitz moved to its latest incarnation – the Living Rule Book – certain models and variants that had existed in previous versions were left out. Several of these are older (in the fiction) Southern gears. The models for these gears are still available and still pretty dang cool, so I’m interested in adding them back into the game.

Thankfully this is quite easy to do because:

A) I have the rules/stats for the models in the previous edition of game

B) The Living Rule Book version of HGB is actually a system which is very easy to add to and work out a sensible TV cost for the model.

First amongst these is the Basilisk. I present it here in the format of the LRB so others can use it in their games.


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Heavy Gear Blitz – A Guide to Forward Observation – Part One

This is the first in a series of guides on various mechanics in the game Heavy Gear Blitz by Dream Pod 9. This is the first part of the guide on Forward Observation – perhaps the least understood mechanic in the game. It explains what Forward Observation is, gives a step by step guide on how to perform it, and identifies a series of questions for the designer of the game to make sure we have this correct (which reveal assumptions the authors have made in the process of writing this guide).

I have now written the second part, which I’d suggest checking out after you read this one.

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Heavy Gear Spotlight – Valence

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Code Name: Valence

Faction: Peace River / NuCoal

Manufacturer: Paxton

Height: 4.4 meters

Weight: 6,235 kg

Baconradar’s Summary: An ultra-cheap engineering gear with an insanely good variant

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Heavy Gear Spotlight – Cataphract

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Code Name: Cataphract

Faction: Peace River

Manufacturer: Paxton

Height: 7.9 meters

Weight: 45,430 kg

Baconradar’s Summary: A versatile gearstrider with long range weapons and ferocious melee

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